Sunday, April 6, 2014

Advertise-on-Blog Service of Good Governance Forum

Advertise-on- Blog Service

Good Governance Forum has introduced ‘Advertise-on-Blog Service’ for NGOs, charities, and trusts to put across their advertising message to people within and outside Pakistan through Ad Box on our popular blogs.

Good Governance Forum has popular news and thematic blogs. Ad Box is available on rightside bar of each blog for the following cost:

1st Position:               Rs  5000 per ad box per blog per month
2nd Position:             Rs  3000 per ad box per blog per month
3rd Position:             Rs  2000 per ad box per blog per month

Only text can be posted in the Ad Box with maximum of 100 words or 1000 characters, whichever possible. Images are ignored. That is in addition to the Title of a maximum of 3 words or 30 characters.

The commercial organizations can advertise in both text and image at the following rates:

Leaderboard                             Rs 150,000 per month
Skyscraper                               Rs 125,000 per month
Square                                     Rs  100,000 per month

Minimum contract period: 3 Months
Payment: In advance.  

Details can be obtained by emailing to    


You can view our blogs at and choose the blogs that are relevant to your news, articles, reports, public messages and advertisements.

All posts on our blogs are simultaneously shared on Google+ for national and international reach.

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